Primivitve Americana

I make a variety of stitcheries.  I make pillows and framed stitcheries.     If you see a pillow you like but would rather have it framed or a framed stitchery you would prefer as a pillow,  just let me know.  Since I stitch most things up after the order request, you can ask to have it stitched in different colors, if desired. A less expensive way is to order just the stitchery to fit in a 5X7 or 8X10.
Pricing (shipping included in price)
Framed 8 X 10 stitcheries - $20 
Unframed 8X10 stitchery - $10.00
Framed 5X7 stitcheries - $12 
Unframed 5X7 stitchery - $7.00
Large pillows measure approximately 7X 9 - $13.50
Small pillow tucks measure approximately 3.5X5 - $7.00
Email me a list of items you want and I will send you a PayPal invoice.

                                Pledge of Allegiance  8X10                  Alphabet Hill 8x10

9X7 American Greetings pillow

 9X7 Log Cabin pillow can have any date stitched on bottom

 9X7 Redwork boy pillow

 9X7 Summer Greetings pillow

                                Watermelon pillow tuck         5X7 America pillow tuck

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