Primitive Fall

I make a variety of stitcheries.  I make pillows and framed stitcheries.     If you see a pillow you like but would rather have it framed or a framed stitchery you would prefer as a pillow,  just let me know.  Since I stitch most things up after the order request, you can ask to have it stitched in different colors, if desired.   A less expensive way is to order just the stitchery to fit in a 5X7 or 8X10.
Pricing (shipping included in price)
Framed 8 X 10 stitcheries - $20 
Unframed 8X10 stitchery - $10.00
Framed 5X7 stitcheries - $12 
Unframed 5X7 stitchery - $7.00
Large pillows measure approximately 7X 9 - $13.50
Small pillow tucks measure approximately 3.5X5 - $7.00
Email me with a list of items you want an I will send a PayPal invoice.

       Happy Fall 5X7 pillow                        Autumn Blessings pillow tuck

Fall in AiR large pillow or 8X10 

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